Soft White Cheese


Kaimai Camembert
A soft cows milk cheese with a snowy rind and silky smooth texture with a hint of wild mushrooms. Ideal in baked dishes such as Filo, Bagels or soufflé. This camembert is the perfect partner with chicken, rare beef or venison, smoked salmon and an all round palate enhancer with strawberries and fresh pears.

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Kaimai Brie

A double creamy cows milk cheese with a snowy rind. Rich milky taste with the scent of fresh forest mushrooms. This fermented soft cheese is delicious hot or cold, in a pasta dish or fruit strudel. It is excellent with tapenade and pesto.

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Kaimai Double Cream Camembert

Cuisine Champion of White Rind Cheese 2009, this double cream camembert is smooth and rich with a scent of fresh mushrooms.  This soft and creamy cheese is decadent at any time and is delicious simply enjoyed on its own or with a chilled white wine. 

Blue Cheese
Kaimai Creamy Blue

A fresh blue veined cows milk cheese which is naturally ripened, allowing it to develop its characteristic creamy texture, rich golden colour and mildly peppery flavour. Ideal with cured and smoked meats, divine in sauces and soups.

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Kaimai Crumbly Blue

An intensely matured blue veined cows milk cheese, with a crumbly texture, deep golden colour and aromatic peppery flavour. Ideally served at room temperature with fresh flavour is ideal for sweet and savoury dishes.

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Fresh White Cheese
Kaimai Feta

This fresh milky aromatic cows cheese with its mild salty taste and creamy texture is a breath of fresh air to chefs. With a feta temperature serving scale of baked to fridge cool, it has potential to enhance any creative dish. This creamy textured feta with its mild savoury taste is a great accompaniment in salads with seafood or meats and even as part of a dessert dish.

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Kaimai Bocconcini

This fresh milky flavoured cheese has a slightly elastic consistency and moist texture. Ideal in fresh green salads, with cured meats, pasta or baked on pizza.

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Hard Cheese

Kaimai Mature Cheddar
A dramatic full body flavour with old world elegance, the firm textured cheddar cuts well, but will shear into dramatic scalloped pieces if broken. Through traditional curing techniques and by allowing it to breathe, this cheddar has a full bodied charm. Ideal to enhance sauces, souffles or enjoy at room temperature with an aged chardonnay.

Washed Rind Cheese
Kaimai Washed Rouge

Strong pungent aromatic cows cheese. This washed cheese with its reddish coloured rind and deep creamy heart has matured slowly to create a sweet, savoury taste. Its buttery texture is ideal at room temperature and brings out a subtle yeasty flavour perfect with a cold beer.

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Recipes with Kaimai Cheeses

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Fancy a wine with your cheese?
We have had our yummy cheesse matched to award winning Villa Maria wines by the experienced chefs and wine makers at Villa Maria. 

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