Located in the heart of the Waikato at the foot of the Kaimai Ranges, the home of Kaimai Cheese is well steeped in dairying history and tradition –

The rich fertile area opened up for European settlement late in the 19th century and a distinguished gentleman by the name of Josiah Clifton Firth became the first European landowner of the Matamata region. He quickly realised that the rich fertile area was ideally suited to dairying.

In 1886, after laying the foundation for the Waharoa settlement, Josiah Firth built the first Waharoa Dairy Factory. That first year of production at the Waharoa Dairy Factory saw 25 tonnes of butter and cheddar manufactured on the site. Defined even then as "First Quality”, it commanded the highest prices in the newly developing Auckland market.

Today the new Kaimai factory stands in the village right alongside where the traditional factory once proudly stood all those years ago – it’s this pioneering tradition and pride of place that Kaimai looks to as a source of inspiration for its cheese flavour and quality.

Kaimai aims to present cheeses that are quite simply world class. The quality and taste essentials – freshness, flavour, taste, texture and aroma – will turn the otherwise ordinary experience into something special.