Kaimai Café and Store All Day Blackboard Menu (8am to 2:30pm)


Kaimai Big Breakfast $21.00

Mini Breakfast $16.50

Creamy Mushroom $17.50

Eggs Benedict Bacon $18.50 or Salmon $21.00

Bacon & Eggs Classic $16.50

American Style Pancakes with your choice of Bacon & Banana $16.50 or Berry fruit and Banana $16.00

Kaimai Omelette with your choice of Blue cheese, Brie cheese, or Washed Rouge $19.00

Thai Green Chicken Curry & Basmati Rice $ 17.50

Kaimai Steak Sandwich & Fries topped with Kaimai blue cheese $23.00

"Old School” Lambs Fry & Bacon $16.00

Seafood Chowder & Toast $18.50

Gourmet Angus Burger & Fries $19.00

Chinese Chicken Salad a great blend of Asian style  $17.00

Bowl of Fries $7.00

Kaimai Cheese Board cheese from our shop with condiments $20.00

  • Kids MENU

Chicken Tenders, with Fries or Salad $9.50

Sausage & Fries &9.50

Ham & Cheese Rolls, with Fries or Salad $9.50

 * The price will be effective from 1 July 2015. Our menu will be changed seasonally. Everyweek, our cafe will introduce speical menus. 

Note: Kaimai Cafe have a children's menu available, along with gluten free meal options